Stage Accessories
  • Stage Skirts

Intellistage stage skirts are made from fire retardent material and easily clip onto your stage using special skirt clips and are available in 2m wide sections and come in various heights. The perfect way to finish your stage and give it a professional look.

  • Connecting Hardware:

Intellistage connecting hardware (4-pack) are used to connect risers of different heights. Suitable for steps or for tiered stage layouts. click here for demo video

  • Riser extension Hardware:

Intellistage Riser Extension Hardware (4-pack) are use to stack risers on top of one another. Simply unscrew the four corner locking pins on the bottom riser and replace them with riser extension pins. This allows the top riser to sit in place. The extension hardware kit includes REK (the metal clips than hold the stacked risers in place)

  • Spare Parts Kit

The Intellistage spare parts kit gives you the ability to replace any Intellistage part making it the most valuable resource you can have. Never go on tour without an ISRK. Kit contains: 4 Corner Locking Posts, 4 Coupling Posts, 4 Riser Feet, 16 Riser Pins, 4 Hex Keys and 4 Platform to Platform Locking Mechanisms.

  • Stacking Cups For Risers (25 Pack)

Designed to help IntelliStage risers sit level on uneven surfaces. These stacking cups fit on the bottom side of riser feet and snap together with other stacking cups in order to allow you to even out your stage. Sold in 25 packs, stacking cups are the fastest way to get your stage level so the show can go on!

  • Self Adhesive Rubber Feet For Risers (10 pack)

Rubber feet attach to the bottom of IntelliStage risers. The rubber feet provided better grip and prevent the stage from moving while positioned on slippery or smooth surfaces.

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